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By road:

- From Paris, You will take the motorway A 10 and the exit n° 18 chateau-Renault.Then drive to Locheson road D 31.

- In the center of Loches, you will take the direction of the medieval fortress by the heart of the city.(take the rue de la République).. The parking is located near the Porte Royale and near (50m) la rue des Fossés Saint Ours.

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By train:

We are located at 30 kms from TGV Saint Pierre des Corps & there is a station in the center of Loches.


Demeure Saint Ours,11 rue du château (entrée : 18, rue des Fossés Saint Ours) 37600 LOCHES

port: +33 (0)6 33 74 54 82 et +33 (0)2 47 59 56 69
saintours@orange.fr Web: http://www.saintours.eu